Organizational Strategy Development Examples

Executive Performance Management System
Organizational Strategy Development
Industry 4.0 Strategic Framework
Smart Manufacturing Strategic Framework

Developed Performance Scorecard Framework

Established operationally metrics and measures

Defined data driven key performance indicators

Created executive team development plans

Integrated PMS across board and executive suite  

Facilitated validation of strategic priorities

Established advance executive tactical team

Defined strategic vision, mission and values

Created formative and developmental plans

Implemented Dynamic Thinking Framework

Conducted an Industry 4.0 landscape analysis

Validated the workforce talent needs & capacities

Developed Velocity Index to map new technologies

Created the Industry 4.0 Intersection Framework

Built an Industry 4.0 Scorecard Framework

Created a distributed manufacturing  governance framework for a network of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Integrated Blockchain as a component of digital governance of the network

Developed a three-stage blended governance model to implement by 300 SMEs

Mapping the Industry 4.0 Landscape
Developing Strategic Intelligence for Action
Executive Development & Group Strategy
New Business Go to Market Strategy

Produced an Industry 4.0 landscape analysis

Mapped digital and physical socio-technical systems

Documented use case examples from other sectors

Identified and validated required I4.0 skill sets

Created toolbox of applied Industry 4.0 tools and models

Conducted a comprehensive analysis of talent pipeline

Assessed mechanical engineering education models

Provided data-driven insights to create strategies and tactics

Examined tech talent supply and demand dynamics

Enumerated recommendations to drive strategies and tactics

Built data driven talent development framework

Integrated empirical methods into models

Brought the voice of client customers to the forefront

Delivered customized individual coaching sessions

Worked with two divisions across disciplines and units

Guided the crafting of vision and value proposition

Delivered primary market intelligence insights

Built turnkey project demonstration models

Conducted executive development sessions

Developed scalable  business model and metrics