System Thinking

Engineering is the ability to predict future outcomes before building the system

Systems Engineering is the process of achieving a desired holistic, or ecosystem wide, behavior through the arrangement  of the component parts

Systems Thinking is the management discipline of understanding the linkages and interactions between component parts that comprise the entirety of a defined system and considering the whole system in relation to its environment

Leaders frequently do not  consider how decisions in one part of the organization will impact the organization as a whole.

Some of the common mistakes include:

  •   Failing to consider the perceptions, fears, and other concerns of the workforce
  •   Over optimism in the ability to integrate or roll out technologies
  •   Clashes in decision-making, organizational structures
  •   Optimistic financial modeling

The reasons above, and others, is why the majority of publicly announce mergers fail to achieve their stated performance goals. The Acumen Dynamics approach to working with clients is to encourage a systemic approach to  anticipate potential pitfalls through taking a holistic view of challenges and opportunities.